March 2021, AVAD: Work and Worship 2021, Redeemer University, Toronto, Curator: Maggie Ford.

Oct – Nov 2020, The True Patriot Love Foundation auction, Toronto

June – August 2020, Fusion Beasts, The STEPS Initiative, Toronto

April- May 2020, CreativeUTO exhibitions, exhibitor and host, Toronto

March 2020, GrowOp2020, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

2019, Strathmore Prize, The Big Picture, online gallery

2015, Transience, Diaspora, Bodies & Land, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Toronto

2015, Surface, #hashtag gallery, Toronto

2015, Skylight Gallery, Northern District Library, Toronto

2015, 2013, Bell Mural Boxes, Toronto

2014, Salon I, Project Gallery, Toronto

2014, Art in Transit -Sketching the Line, TTC Screens, Toronto

2014, ArtStarts, Platform A, Jumblies Theatre, Toronto

2014, 2013, In the Round, Graven Feather Gallery, Toronto

2013, Series I – Collective Arts Brewing, Toronto

2013, NO SWIMMING, Project Gallery, Toronto

2013, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York

2012, East Meets West, Toronto

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