The Collective 2023

The Collective 2023

2023 Sessions

Andrea @ Franks’ – 2023 08 24

The Collective has been meeting weekly since 2009. Each week, a different member hosts. The sessions last three hours, with poses between 1 and 30 minutes. At the end of the session, we pass around our sketchbooks.

My work within The Collective ranges from the conventional to the experimental. During Covid-19, the group has been meeting via Zoom sessions. I have been drawing portraits of Collectivites off my phone in my car parking lot.

Interested in forming your own Artist Collective? Here’s a zine to show you the way: How to Build An Art Collective.

Andrea - 2023 08 24

Markers and a Regular Sketchbook

I have SO MANY handmade Collective books that storage has become a problem. So I’m back to regular old sketchbooks and markers. Thankfully, the model was loads more exciting. It was a pleasure to draw her. Some people are just easy to draw. Good thing too, as it’s been more than a month. I missed Collective but should be able to keep up the Toronto visits a few times a month so I’m extremely happy about that.

Materials: sketchbook, various brands of markers

Frank - 2023 07 06

Distortions and Hair Included

Frank at Franks’ place. I had so much fun with this set! I ignored a bunch of fantastic poses to put in the time with the ones I started. Honestly, these were a blast to make and I’m into the end result. I should have stuck with just one one but otherwise… <3
On the downside, the scanner really does not do oranges. There’s quite a bit of neon orange in these that just becomes a dull wash. The nose picker and the wall of the next one are almost completely lost. Oh well.

Materials: moleskine, pen, pencil crayon

Liz - May 12 2023

Pregnancy & Stolen Art

So these backgrounds come from a giant, full colour catalogue of photography put out by Scotialbank. This is their CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2023 festival and it was gloriously free. Liz is stunning every time we draw her. Love this session. What a beautiful night.

Materials: Scotiabank CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2023 book, pen, marker, gel pen

Malcolm - April 20 2023

Next Level Model

Every so often, we get a professional model. I don’t know how. Magic? Malcolm had a series of fantastic poses (and did his own timing!). Unfortunately, I made an especially tiny book this week and only got about 1/2 of him in to any given piece. Oh well. Great passaround this week. Just another level of drawing on display. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic week… which is precisely what happens when a muse shows up to model.

Materials: handmade book, painted pages, pen, gel pen

Rob - April 13 2023

Collage with Painted Pages

This was a nice evening. Rob is an artist, so we were extra lucky to get a model because I could very well have been asked to pose (noooooooo) for some. Like many artist-models, Rob poses with boxers on which I actually love. I think you get enough body and form but a pop of colour, which is fantastic to draw. Fully clothed models are too tricky for short poses, but boxer-only is always great. I appreciate a full nude but I almost prefer boxers/light clothing. This book was small… I think I like the smaller format, even though it does push me toward portraits. My biggest weakness is not being able to scale bodies correctly. Well… I like my style so that ‘biggest weakness’ bit might be a matter of opinion.

Materials: handmade book, painted pages, pen, gel pen

Gary - April 6 2023

Collage with Hadfield

This week’s awesome BMV buy was Chris Hadfield’s You Are Here, photos from the International Space Station. It makes for interesting skin and background patterning. I believe the second model is Tanya, his wife. But maybe I got the name wrong! 

Materials: handmade book, Chris Hadfield Space Station picture book, markers, and gel pens.

Brian and Iris- March 30 2023

And Frank Llyod Wright

Stealing Frank Llyod Wright interiors is bringing up my GAME. I had so much fun with this one! The Japanese print came from really nice sushi packaging. Brian and Iris rocked. I wish I had more time to draw for collages… It really does feel like I need so much time to cut and paste! Oh, and shoutout to John for letting me stead his markers. I own thousands but didn’t bring any. 

Materials: handmade book, $3.99 Frank Llyod Wright book, pens I found in my purse, John’s markers, sushi packaging.

Francis - March 23 2023

Drawing Francis at Francis' Place

I really enjoyed making this book. I’ve been working on the templates for a few days so it was super nice to work them into a project. Francis is a great model and holds excellent poses and portraits very still for a long time. Plus, I’ve slept! Woo hoo! Anyway, I dig a layered zine and this is that. <3

Materials: handmade book, handmade printout template (see below), mechanical pencil, ink, marker, & gel pen

The Templates

Bruce - Feb 02 2023


I am starting to get the feel for these books but the index is really a weakness. Maybe if I give it a structure first and then just fill it in…? I love this cover though.

Materials: handmad book, pen, paint, gel pens

Video story time Collective

Nudes, so age-restricted

Sorry for the hassle, kids. Like and subscribe anyway? <3

Materials: handmad book, pen, paint, gel pens

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