Zoom Zines

Zoom Zines

This is a collection within a collection. The Zoom Zines come out of portrait drawing sessions with the Toronto Collective. Each zine features portraits of Collective members taking a turn posing for the group. These Zoom Zines are experimental – there is very little planning in the pieces, and the work is created spontaneously. You can read these zines online or you can click on the SAVEABLE FILE button under each volume. Print on your home computer and use online instructions for minizines/one page zines to cut and fold your copy. Please feel free to collaborate with me by altering your copy – I recommend printing in black and white so that your work stands out!

Zoom Zine Volume 1 - The One with Words

The One with Words does not actually have words. It does have space for words though, so print it out, fold it, and use the portraits as prompts!

Zoom Zine Volume 2 - The One with Jake on the Cover

The One with Part of Jake’s Eye and a Hand on the Cover just didn’t have the same ring to it. These zoom zine sketch portraits are taken from 5 minute poses. That means that the total drawing time for this zine was 30 minutes! I really think these have great potential as a warm-up exercise for more polished zines but I also kinda just love them as tiny sketchbook portfolios.

Zoom Zine Volume 3 - The One That Reads Like a Comic

This one looks totally different in black and white. The page arrangement worked out well because each model did two 2 minute portraits. That means that the page spreads have the same model on both sides. Eva on the cover, 2 Jakes on page 1-2, 2 Gilas on 3-4, 2 Anthony’s on 5-6, and a Brian on the back. If I’m smart about it, I think I can make future zoom zines for each person, with a 10 minute post as the cover. Hmmmmm…

Zoom Zine Volume 4 - The Sketchy Comic One

Another series of 2 minute double portraits. This zoom zine starts and ends with Francis. Inside, are page spreads of Brian, Eva, and John. These still don’t come together to make a clear narrative, but they feel like impressions of people – snapshots. I am really warming up to the idea of having one zoom zine per person. I’ll see if I can pull it off in the March edition.

Zoom Zine Volume 5 - The One That Ends Strong

This zoom zine is a series of one minute portraits. It starts with Jake and moves on through 3 Gilas, another Jake, and 2 very odd Francis portraits. This might be my favourite front cover/back cover combination. I also like the full page spread. It feels more like its own, complete piece somehow. I think it’s the oversizing of the faces.

Zoom Zine Volume 6 - The One with the Ones

This zine is nine 1 minute portraits. So, it took 9 minutes to make. Round it up to 10 for folding the pages to get the spacing and scanning the piece. I also ran it though autocorrect for the colour, which makes it the least authentic replication of the original green piece. This one is… a warm up. Eva saves it, if you ask me. I like her on the cover and on page 1 & 2.

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