The Collective

The Collective

I am a founding member of The Collective, a Toronto based figure drawing group. The Collective has been meeting weekly since 2009. Each week, a different member hosts. The sessions last three hours, with poses between 1 and 30 minutes. At the end of the session, we pass around our sketchbooks. 

My work within The Collective ranges from the conventional to the experimental.

Collective Zoom

Covid-19 Sessions

Zoom Cellphone Portrait Session - May 21 2020

Portrait Gallery

Zoom Cellphone Portrait Session - May 7 2020

Portrait Gallery

Lots of quick zoom cellphone portraits this week: ones, twos, fives, and a couple tens.

Blind Contour Zoom Session - April 30 2020

Blind Contour

For Blind Contour Drawings, the artist looks at the subject but never the page.

Contour/Blind Contour Mix

These pages contain a mixture of Contour and Blind Contour Drawings. 


For Contour Drawings, the artist may look up and down from the subject to the page. They do not lift their pen from the page.

Collective Zoom - April 23 2020

Lotto Tickets - December 2019


Cut Outs

Figures on Tile

Gallery of Weirdness