How do you start drawing?  The blank page can be very intimidating. You think of all the people who are “better” than you, of how you’ll probably make BAD art and it’s how do you even begin? Begin by giving yourself permission to be bad. The only way to get good is to practice!

These are very simple, hand drawn permission slips for artists. Click on the images and right click to save for printing. Or (this is the better option) make your own versions of these. If you have a version that you would like to share here, you can send it through this website’s contact form and I will add it to the gallery with credit to the artist. 


How do you start drawing? Start by drawing a permission slip for yourself.
Step 1
: Write the words PERMISSION SLIP near the top of your page. Leave room for your box and some spacing.
Step 2: Underline PERMISSION SLIP
Step 3: Draw a line above PERMISSION SLIP to define the top of the box. Do not complete the box (completing the box is the final step.)
Step 4: Think about your spacing. You will need a gap on either side. Just taking a moment to think about how this will help your formatting.
Step 5: Begin writing by introducing the date. It may one period of time or you can include a “from” and “to” as in the examples above.
Step 6: Create an underline for the artist to fill in their name.
Step 7: Determine what the artist has permission to do and write the details below. See the examples above for some ideas.
Step 8: Include some language to remind the reader what the signature will permit. For example “The above named person may participate in the listed activities at the specified times.
Step 9: Self Signature and Date with space for signatures.
Step 10: Complete your box. Leave some space below the text to avoid crowding.

WCC Writing a permission slip to be an artist

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