Quick Draw Zines

Quick Draw Zines

This is a collection within a collection. The Quick Draw Zines come out of portrait drawing sessions with the Toronto Collective. Each zine features portraits of Collective members taking a turn posing for the group. Like the Zoom Zines before them, each Quick Draw Zine is experimental – there is very little planning in the art, and the text reflections are created within the natural spaces. 

You can read these zines online or you can click on the SAVEABLE FILE button under each volume. Print on your home computer and use online instructions for minizines/one page zines to cut and fold your copy. Please feel free to collaborate with me by altering your copy.

Quick Draw Volume 1

Reflecting on the purpose of the Quick Draw – featuring Jake, with Alex and Anthony.

Quick Draw Volume 2 - OTHER MUSES

This sketchy quick draw zine uses 3 of my favourite real-life muses (Gila, Francis, and Brian) to bemoan the evils the “Bette and Veronica face” that plagues fine art and Instagram. 

Quick Draw Volume 3 -
Wildly Misrepresented Collective Conversations

I put together all the panels where people were actually talking to each other. It is too much draw people and write down their conversations. It just… didn’t work. Well. It’s a sketch zine. It worked at the level of a sketch zine. I mean… I don’t know what I was expecting. I do like some of this. Just not most of it. Especially not the speech bubble. Ick.

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