Joan Miró

Lesson Purpose

For this grade 4-6 lesson, students will study the works of Spanish Painter Joan Miró.
(In the Ontario Curriculum, this addresses the fundamental concepts of shape and colour. It touches on the principle of design, proportion. It also fits into D1.1, D1.3, D2.2, and D3.2 with prompts from you.)


I found this game online and created my own versions of it. The game is simple. Students roll the dice for body shape, head shape, nose shape, eye shape (1 or 2 permitted), extra shapes, and extra lines. Some variations of this game involve a colour scheme as well. Here are two versions I drew, copying Miró’s work. There is another blank page that you can use to make your own version (it’s fun!). Students could also fill in the blanks using Miró artworks and then switch and play. To download the Miró game without the powerpoint, click on the image and then right-click and save.

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