Perspective Lesson: Step Pyramid

Perpective Lesson: Step Pyramid

This art & geometry lesson will teach you how to use two-point perspective to draw a step pyramid. Every step is illustrated and described in detail.

If you are a student trying this lesson on your own, you may want to set aside an hour or so to complete your step pyramid. Once you have have a feel for the techniques, it may be easier for you to draw a pyramid on your own, using the PowerPoint as a fallback if you get stuck.

How to draw a stepped pyramid in perspective

Lesson Concepts:
Art: 2-point perspective, vanishing points, depth lines, slope lines
Geometry: Parallel lines, rectangular prism, slope

Sample Slides

Big Concepts: Rectangular Prisms, Corner-to-Corner techniques, slope lines, horizon line (problem solving above and below) finding height lines in perspective, cropping.


This lesson provides a student-friendly breakdown of the concepts and diagrams taught in Perspective for Artists, Rex Vicat Cole's excellent book for artists. The entire book has been digitized. It is available online through libraries and on artists' websites.

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