The Collective Nude

The Collective Nude

December 2021 - 2022

The Collective has been meeting weekly since 2009. Each week, a different member hosts. The sessions last three hours, with poses between 1 and 30 minutes. At the end of the session, we pass around our sketchbooks. 

My work within The Collective ranges from the conventional to the experimental. During Covid-19, the group met via Zoom sessions. We are now back in session for life drawing. I am… rusty.

Visit years past. Archieved content includes life drawing and Covid Zoom portraits.

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Best of Session

Great session from the model. For once, I didn’t draw every pose. I kept working on some of these. These four are my favourites.

Rest of Session

And here are the rest, from the pictures I made on the subway ride up through the ones and twos, to the final 15s. The last 15 was a 30, now that I think about it. I cut off the top of her head. Too much generic face and not enough accuracy. For whatever reason, I didn’t manage to really get the model’s face. Sometimes it’s like that with beautiful models. I think I got her best in “Collective in Person Two 1” but maybe not. The “Picasso” got the pass around shout outs. And John argued that “Fail” wasn’t a fail. He’s wrong, as usual. 😉

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