Excuse Me, Miss!

Exuse Me, Miss!

A Zine Written by a teacher During a Test

A Zine Written By a Teacher During a Test

Are teacher zines like ordinary zines but more caffeinated and stressed out? Nah… there are probably more zines written about tea than zines written by teachers. I wrote this one “during” a test. The zine is made of a teacher copy of the test, actually. Don’t worry! I was looking at the kids the whole time. I managed to cut myself with scissors and everything. Not a slice either. I literally put my finger between the two blades and squeezed my other hand. Fortunately, they’re terrible, dull scissors and my classroom has a sink. Anyway, only one teacher was harmed in the making of this zine and it was me, and I’m fine. The kids did well enough on the test, too, and now we’re painting landscapes. So no reason to stress! Here it is in digital and printable:

One-Page Printable Teacher Zine

One-Page Printable Teacher Zine

Weirdly, I think my teacher zine is also my most authentic/indie zine. But don’t tell the other zines. They might not let it sit with them.

Thanks for checking out my teacher zine! I’ve got a ton of zines with different styles and themes. So far, they’re all free to read online, or download and print. 

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