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An Extensive Archive of Works by Artist Nicole Little

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Drawings and Reflections in the Age of Quarantine

A gallery of drawing, zines, and collaborations made during the Covid-19 quarantine, beginning in March of 2020.

Collective Figure Drawing

A Decade of Thursdays

The Collective meets every Thursday for life drawings. I was a founding member and have been meeting with the group since 2009.

Instagram Challenge

Channeling Masters

For this challenge, I asked people online to choose their favourite artist and a portrait from their instagram account. These are the resulting blends of style and subject.

Other People's Deities

Portraits of Lost, Obscure, Living and Dead Gods

Although some of the Gods and Goddesses in this series are well known and worshipped, none were known to me before I embarked on this series. The subjects of the portraits are sometimes inspired original depictions of the goddesses by worshippers. In other cases, I was inspired by people who lived on the land of these gods and goddess, unnamed in vintage photography.

Wrapping the Gods

An exploration of how we have come to paint our world in plastics.

This is an exploration of plastic, harvest, and worship. Crucifix image courtesy of Gladstone Hotel and photographer Brianna Roy.


Climate Disaster Carpet

A Digital Print Carpet for the age of Climate Destruction

I recreated Climate Disaster symbols in Adobe Illustrator, modified from the Canadian Disaster Database and Goldfrog ESP’s Extinction symbol. The carpet design is modified from antique Armenian carpet. My colour palette is borrowed from photographs of the 2019 Australian wildfires.

Empty Digital Landscapes

This is a series of artificial environments. Each digital space originated as a byproduct of a technological glitch.

These are vapid essences of natural spaces. They are artificial environments, unliveable spaces. I have imposed on them my obsession with the dying world. 


Julia Kay's Portrait Party


Julia Kay’s Portrait Party in an international collaborative project in which artists make portraits of each other and share them online. I am proud to have contributed to the cover and pages of the JKPP book Portrait Revolution.

Self Portrait

The benefit of the self portrait is that model is always available.

This gallery includes the EGOMANIA fold-out portrait journals, spray paint pop art, portrait tiles, blind contour drawings, and more traditional work.

Portrait Tiles

Ceramic Drawings

I have been painting ceramic tiles since 2009. Each piece is drawn with special pencils and underglaze, painted with glaze, and then heated in the kiln. 


Marker Designs

Ink and gel pen

Under the influence of my Armenian mother, I have been making these designs for three decades.  They connect me to my roots and give me a refuge from anxiety.

Marker Exploration

Ink and gel pen

These are a natural extension of the designs my mother taught me to make. There is some overlap between the galleries but these explorations tend to be a departure from the more pattern based designs. 

Ink Figure Drawing

Ink and gel pen

This gallery contains a selection of ink figure drawings.

Mixed Media

Cut Out Figure Drawing

Sharpie on Magazines

Sharpie drawn during figure drawing sessions. Cut out and photographed. 

Mixed Media Figure Drawing

Pen and ink on maps, painted newspaper, lotto tickets, and other discarded materials.

These figures reflect my central thesis – that there is worth in all materials, all bodies, all selves.


ON THE MAP began with a simple, broad premise: Wherever and whenever we are, we hold our locations in the back of our minds. The map substrate represents that feeling of being in a state of transportation.

Many of these pieces were drawn while I rode Toronto’s public transport system, the TTC. 


Visual Stories

Foldout Moleskine

Japanese Moleskine sketchbooks are intended to be unfolded. With this process comes the ability to tell a long form story and build on a theme. These are my stories of love, abuse, and self identity.

Museum Oddities

Sketches and drawings of art objects from around the world.

The home collection of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is full of diverse and beautiful objects. Visiting exhibits bring masterpieces from around the world.

Subway Sketches

Drawn on Toronto’s TTC

A trip on the transit affords only a short moment in time to capture a person or a scene. An audience of commuters sometimes looks on and comments. Subway sketches are entirely public and yet so very personal.


Other People's Deities

A Hastily Assembled Guide

This is a small guide detailing 7 distinct gods and goddesses. Some are well known. Others are almost lost to time. 

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