Empty Digital Landscapes

EMpty Digital Landscapes

This is a series of artificial environments. Each digital space originated as a byproduct of a technological glitch.
I captured these images in photograph and video as they appeared on my malfunctioning television screen. The sound in the video is very ‘of the present’ – television characters stay on script even as faces and sets bleed out of recognition. My infant son cries loudly for attention. I am holding him close while I film. The footage is very shaky.
These digital spaces take on a very different life. I have tilted lines and manipulated colours and blur to adjust for lighting and camera issues. Otherwise, these images have not been manipulated to alter their inherent composition. I have imposed meaning on each image almost entirely by giving it a name.
As I poured over these images, I saw empty environments, the colours of nature without its complexity and form. They are vapid essences of natural spaces. They are artificial environments, unliveable spaces. I have imposed on them my obsession with the dying world. 

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