Little NEO

Artist and Creative Problem solver, based in Toronto

Little NEO

Artist and Creative Problem solver, based in Toronto

Other People’s Deities – Portraits of Lost, Obscure, Living and Dead Gods. 

Mixed Media. March 2020 – Ongoing

Other People’s Deities is an ongoing series of portraits and sculptures.

This is a depiction of Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea and sea life.

In her legend, she finds herself at sea. In some versions, her father throws her out of their canoe. In others, she is alone and falls. 

She clings to the canoe but her fingers freeze. They fall off and become the seals, walruses, and whales. She sinks to the bottom of the sea and remains there, a goddess of the underworld and a goddess of sea life. 

Here, Sedna wears the facial tattoos which are still worn by some Innuit women today. Sedna’s body tattoo was inspired by Arreak Sakiasee’s beautiful print. The model in this image is a girl in a photograph titled ‘Inuit Woman with a Braid’, Alaska, 1904. 


Climate Disaster Carpet, February 2020

Digital – Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Print – Polyester.

Covid-19 Reflections – Drawing Michael


Creative Unicorns,

Podcasts, interviews, and collaborations with

April 2020 – current

Marker Explorations – 2014 – current

This gallery contains work which focus on layering oil based markers on smooth, bright white paper surfaces. The work aims to be vibrantly coloured, detailed, and sometimes realistic.

On the Map – 2014 – 2019

This series examines subjects drawn onto city and transit maps. The map form the basis of the piece, inspiring form and even movement and drawing style. They create a sense of travel, rather than explicit location.

Sketchbook – Museum Oddities

The home collection of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is full of diverse and beautiful objects. Visiting exhibits bring masterpieces from around the world. I drew these museum oddities with an eye to realism and an imaginative licence.

Visit more sketchbooks in my art archives.

The Collective, 

Figure Drawing Blog

2010 – current

Wrapping the Gods

Mixed Media sculpture series.

March 2020 – current

Hastily Assembled Guide Zines

Digital and Print, 2020 – current.

All zines in the Hastily Assembled series are free to download and print on a single page and folded into an 8 page mini-zine. Larger versions of the zine can be viewed online.