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Nicole Elizabeth Ounjian Little

Art slows down time. It takes away boredom and anxiety. Ideas materialize onto pages and screens. Content organizes itself into compositions following clear and beautiful rules, some written and some known only by instinct.

Art is an access pass to the best parts of who am. I become fully functional and alert. I can focus.

So, it turns out I have a lot of ADHD.

(Perhaps you don’t believe in ADHD and that’s okay. But fortunately for me, neuroscientists do believe in ADHD and they have the brainpower and the brainwaves to prove it.)

My art is dope – it literally gives me a hit of dopamine. Challenges, especially visual challenges, activate my ability to concentrate. When I am creating, my impulsivity is satiated and ideas run smooth and clear. Whether I am fulfilling a brief on a corporate project or creating in my studio, I pick up techniques and technologies quickly and I put them to good use.

I am interested in all artistic endeavours but I am particularly interested in those with a drawing component. Even before I made a personal connection to drawing, I loved following a line of ink in a doodle as it materialized on the page.

When I was a little girl at an art show, my mother pointed to a painting and whispered a secret in my ear: the artist wasn’t very good. He had put the hands behind his subject’s back so he wouldn’t have to draw them. Whether this was true or not, I later spent a year exclusively drawing hands before I felt up to the challenge of drawing a face.

After that, I drew my family but mostly my grandmother. We lived with her until she had a fall and lost her eye and couldn’t live at home anymore. When we visited her, she let me draw her. Sometimes we showed her the pictures. She always said they were very nice but she said that whenever you showed her anything. My mother kept them and framed them.

And now, I draw everyone whenever I can. I draw seas of faces and detailed studies. I sketch them. I connect to them. I will never turn down an opportunity to draw a portrait.

For the last five years, I have worked as a creative for a tech company. I was surprised that my passion translated to that sphere. I made logos and packaging and video commercials. I loved the challenge of the job. I discovered that I like working in a team and that I enjoy leadership.

If you are interested in my studio or professional work, please contact me. 

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