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2023 Zines

two silent stories
May 2023 - 2 Silent Stories - Very, very, very short
zine ideas
April 2023 - My top 5 Rejected Zine Ideas for April 2023 - #mozipro
free zines
April 2023 - How to Make a Doodle Zine
March 2023 - Colour Theory Workbook (lesson free, zine on Etsy)
March 2023 - Procrastinate
Canadian zine
February 2023 - Snow Day
Roy Lichtenstein
January 2023 - Pop Ghosts
Zine for seniors
January 2023 - A walking zine for seniors <3

2022 Zines

Joe Rogan Zine cover
April - July 2022, Rogan Zine
March 2022, Exuse Me Miss
March 2022, Sunflowers VS Existential Dread, a Zine about Choices
March - How to draw Kawaii Poop
Tape Zine
February - The Tape Zine - A Digital Artifact
January - Doodle - A Simple Guide to Meditative Drawing

2021 Monthly Zines

6 zines using prompts from Monthly Zine Project, #mozipro.

Art Group cover page
January - Community: How to Build an Art Collective
Empty Lungs poetry zine
February - Breath: Empty Lungs
Xanadu Musk Pocket Zine Cover
March - Zoom: The Tech God Dreams of Xanadu
April - Whisper: A submission-based zine
YOU pocket zine by Nicole Little
May - YOU: A Non Exhaustive List of People Who Hate Me (According to My Undiagnosed Depression)
Rest for the Wicked Zine hand drawn Nicole Little litneo

COVID-19 Zines

These are zines documenting coping strategies during Covid-19. Stay safe. 🙁

Exhibition Zines

These are zines documenting gallery exhibits. I love the idea that everyone who makes the effort to see a show gets to walk away with a piece of art to share. These can be printed out and distributed remotely.

Sketch Zines

 Sketch zines are just ideas… formatted. I like them so much, I think I’ll make a zine about making them. Hm.

nude zine
Where are my clothes? A nude/life drawing zine, August - July 2022, The Toronto Collective
Quick Draw Zines - Portrait sketch zine collection
Zoom zine sketch cover
Zoom Zines - Portrait sketch zine collection
The Book of... Portrait sketch zine collection
A Memory of the things you MISS - a project sketch zine
the forest in the mountains - a sketch zine
the forest in the mountains - a sketch zine
Failure - a sketch zine
Failure - a sketch zine

Practical Zines

These are one page, foldable booklet templates. Plan your week or plan your life! Free to save, print, modify, and reuse.

Weekly Calendar Zine Template
A one page printable calendar. Fold into 8 and cut along dotted line to make a weekly book.
Goal setting, action plan template, one page foldable, print and fill
Put your goals into action with this one page Action Plan, designed to help you break complex problems into doable steps.

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