The Book of...

The Book of ...

The Book Of… are a series of zines created over a 3 hour Zoom session on March 11th, 2021. Each zine follows one member of The Collective. Text is taken from the conversation around the person, not necessarily from or even about the model. This is the third series of Collective Zoom sessions that are documented as zines. Unlike previous sessions, these are only available online.

The Book of Francis & The Book of Anthony

To flip through a larger copy of these, please click on the image and use the arrows on the popup screen to navigate between pages.
And, yes, I know that’s not how you spell “manikin”. Cut me some slack, okay?

The Book of Gila, The Pagespread of Kim, and Assorted Toronto Writer's Collective Covers

Kim had to leave early! I have snuck in some covers from my work with The Toronto Writers Collective. Please note that I will clearly join any club with the word “Collective”.

The Book of Eva & The Book of Brian

The last two in this series. I really liked how the front covers turned out on most of these. In particular, I like Eva, Francis, and Anthony more as just a front cover. There’s something that feels a little off about Brian’s front cover though. His improves when the full drawing is visible.

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