NEOL - 2023

NEOL - 2023

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The Collective Field Trip to The Gardiner Museum – Complete Sketchbook – 2023 – 01 – 02
Square 2 Japan 1

I miss Tom Petty

It sucks that Tom Petty is dead. He’s amazing. It really bums me out that he’s gone.

The Collective @ The Gardiner

The Collective went on a field trip to the Gardiner Museum to see the work of Montreal artist Karine Giboule. The show was ‘Housewarming’. Quite fitting to see such a Covid-based show with The Collective, who were so integral to my sanity during lockdown. <3 I miss our portait sessions. This little book was made just for the day. I did quick sketches there and finished them up at home that evening. I’m glad to have a record of the trip. It made me so happy.

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