The international group show NO SWIMMING was curated by Oscar Figueroa and hosted by Toronto’s Project Gallery. 

Escape: I’m Outta Here
20” x 16”
digital photograph

​City boundaries are automated and invisible. Indoor space is enclosed in concrete and brick, air conditioned and artificially lit. Outdoor space is weather driven – muggy, frozen, wet or windy, however paved and clean. We never have to wonder where we are for long, and it takes next to no time to get where we’re going.

In the country, we can focus on the boundaries, delayed as they are into moments like this. The darkness of the century-old barn is broken by time-worn cracks. The pastoral scene is a distant blur below. We see the details of the wood of the barn when light and darkness meet in the space within the wall.

In the air between the cracks, wre are within the space defined by the borders of other spaces. Here, we can escape.

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