The Big Picture is a collective art project where people in Canada and around the world are collaborating to create a big mosaic picture from thousands of drawings and stories.This project outlines the connections between individuals from all around the world and can be seen as a giant conversation taking place between all the participants and us through a dynamic and monumental art work.

I was honoured with the Strathmore Prize for my contribution to The Big Picture in May of 2019. 

Country: Canada

The Story behind the drawing:

These are portraits of “ordinary” people in Tim Hortons. I love the diversity of people out in the world. I feel so lucky to live in Canada where so many cultures and ethnicities come together and coexist peacefully. The diversity certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re looking for a model! This piece is an exploration in pen line-work. I wanted to replicate the crowded feeling of a busy coffee shop over time.

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