Creative Unicorns -Collaborations

Creative Unicorns - Collaborations

Radical Dreams of Equity and Kindness

In May of 2020, Michael Bole, Adele Steinberg, Maggie Chang, and I decided to begin work on a CreativeUTO Anthology. We discussed the idea of looking at the world after Covid-19. In the end, we settled on the phrase “Radical Dreams of Equity and Kindess.” We want to see artist’s dreams of a better world.

Meeting Notes June 10 2020

Artists of Toronto: The 2nd Video Exhibit
May 15th 2020

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Artists of Toronto: The 2nd Video Exhibit

Hosted by Little NEO

Event Drawings

Artist of Toronto - Ad for 2nd Video Exhibit

Advertisement courtesy of and graphic designer Michael Bose

Artist of Toronto - First Video Exhibit

Artists of Toronto - First Video Exhibit, hosted by Jade Electra

In April of 2020, I was a featured artist on Creative Unicorns’ exhibition and artist meet. I gave my presentation from my car in our parking lot – the only safe space available to me during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

After my presentation, I drew portraits of the other artists to commemorate our meeting. 

CUTO Podcast Interview


This CUTO Podcast interview was recorded April 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Operations manager Michael Bole blogged about the podcast and created a shop page for my work.

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