Creative Lead

Creative Lead

Tap2Tag Canada, Creative Lead
Jan 2015 - July 2019

My role within Tap2Tag has been multidisciplinary. I created original ad copy, still images, and commercial videos. I promoted the brand online, readjusting struggling ads and bolstering successful campaigns. I worked with department heads within the company and I liaised with retailers. For large projects, I hired and lead teams.

My work with Tap2Tag produced effective packaging, promotions, and sales results.

Graphic Design

In 2016, I updated the Tap2Tag logo.

In 2018, I redesigned the company packaging.

Social Media Content

I have created content for Tap2Tag and subsidiary company TeqMarq since 2015.

The 2015-2016 campaign featured muted tones and a hip start-up aesthetic for the launch of the fashionable Connect line.

The 2017-2018 campaign emphasized the brand’s Medical line.

The 2019 campaign returned to the Connect line and fashion with neon lights and bold colour blocking.

Custom Cards

Tap2Tag produces custom electronic business cards.

I worked closely with the sales division to create electronic cards for sales pitches. I also worked with outside companies and VIP clients to create custom cards.

Product Images and Descriptions

Tap2Tag has four product lines: Medical, Medical Plus, Connect, and Pets.

I wrote the brochures and instruction manuals for each product line and rewrote the online descriptions for each product.

I also took and edited the product shots for the brochures. I used these in  advertisements, banners, and panel displays for convention shows. These product shots are used on the company website and Amazon listings.

Commercial Videos

I created these short, social media friendly commercials using online software, licensed stock video footage and licensed music. These are used by both the parent company and by partner companies who use the Tap2Tag NFC digital card as scannable membership cards.

I wrote and directed five original Tap2Tag commercials. These have been played for audiences at StartUp Fashion Week (SFW) in Montreal and Toronto and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

To create the commercials, I wrote scripts and shot listsI scouted locations and negotiated with property owners. I created all the digital props displayed on screens within the commercial. I auditioned and hired the cast and crew, and lead the editing team to produce the final videos.

Finally, I used stills from the videos to create online and print advertisement materials.

Artistic Collaborations

On several occasions, I have had the pleasure of hiring and directing artists and studios on behalf of Tap2Tag. I am a strong believer in the ‘hire slow’ philosophy.