Directing Artists

Directing Artists

Unikron Video Special Effects

Tap2Tag’s profile screen was in development when we shot the 2018 Connect commercial. To circumvent this problem, I imported a green screen for the actor’s phone and directed her to press the screen and respond as if the image had appeared. 

Once I had the new design notes from the parent company, I created screen mock-ups and hired Unikron video effects studio to implement the special effect. Because the phone screen is small, I made the orange “Connected” button larger than life so that the audience would catch the transition. 

Unikron’s clip was then placed back into the commercial and colour adjustments were applied to the whole.

Comic Collaboration

My ‘Be a Hero! Save a Life!’ Tap2Tag Medical campaign ran as a print advertisement in FanExpo magazine in 2017. I hired talented comic artist Ally Colthoff to draw this scene. I then modified the bracelet to match the latest Tap2Tag model, and added colourful font to catch the reader’s attention. 

Recycling the Pet Tag Box

In 2018, Tap2Tag made a deal with a major American retail store. They asked me to remodel their packaging for American audiences. These are the new pet boxes, in use today. 

I recycled a cute cartoon cat and dog from an older package, making some minor modifications to the details to match the new, cleaner colour scheme. I then moved an image of a pet collar from the front of the package to the inside tray to make room for new design elements.

Reusing the strongest elements of the old design made the new package recognizable to those familiar with the old box. 

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