In 2018, Tap2Tag made an arrangement with a multinational retail organization. The retailer liked the product but not the packaging.

Tap2Tag assigned me to liaison with the retailer and create new packaging for their customers. The retailer wanted the packaging to grab the consumer’s attention and then convince them to physically place their smartphone on the packaging. Placing a phone on a Tap2Tag device triggers an immediate demonstration of the product’s digital transmitting capabilities. 

These designs were approved by both Tap2Tag and the retailer, and have been in production ever since. 

I redesigned the interior trays to hold and display the product within the package. I created a blue background which can be used for Tap2Tag’s medical devices. For the Pet Tag, I recycled a design from the front of an older box so that the tag now appears to hang from the printed collar. Tap2Tag also sells an Adder which can be put around any wristband. I designed a faux wristband to display the Adder in the box.

I rendered the individual components needed to be created for the packaging, including variations on a cellphone, a wristband, tiny screens, and the background images. I worked closely with a representative from the retail store to find the best size for these components (VERY LARGE) and to develop the instruction on the back of the package. 

Finally, I created vectorized die cutting templates for the packaging manufacturer.