Like a short story, a sketch really only has enough room to fully develop one idea or one character on the page.

Perhaps because I identify so strongly with my ADHD, I think of myself as a sketch artist. Sketching gives me the freedom to produce work without planning. Of course, this means that some of my best work ends up with a line down the middle and scribbled notes as background.

Rembrant at The ROM

Fold Out Sketchbooks

Royal Ontario Museum Sketchbook

Sketchbook Gallery

These pieces represent standalone images in my sketchbooks. Although I do use sketchbooks as a place to work out ideas, I am very interested in the idea of the sketchbook as a satisfying, personal end state, to be opened carefully and understood as a final product. I explore this concept in the more depth in my Fold Out Moleskine series.

Nature Sketches

Sketches of Masterworks

Surrealist Sketches


Subway Sketches