These handcrafted artist cards take days and sometimes weeks to create.

Each is researched with the recipient in mind. 

Armenian Cross

This Armenian Cross card was made for very dear family friends.

These friends have been so close for so long that my mother says they are “Honorary Armenians”.

The Inspiration

Khachkar An Armenian Cross Stone
Khachkar An Armenian Cross Stone at Sanahin Monastery Lori Province
Guilded coper and french enamel frame, France 1434, Royal Ontario Museum
Notes: Medieval frame

I based the design of the cross on historical Armenian crosses.

I based the frame design on a Medieval picture frame from France. It is very simple at first glance but on closer inspection, I saw a pattern of large and small blue stones and flowers. Visually, this reads as a simple ABAB pattern. In fact, it is an AbababA and an ABABaBABA pattern, which allows for a rectangular frame. 

Below are several stages of production. 

The Frame in Stages:

Frame Stage One, Cutting Frame Layers
Frame Stage Two, measuring gem distance
Frame Stage Three, Cutting Gems
Frame Stage Four, Blue Gems
Frame Stage Five, With Paper Cross

The FramE - Part 2

I had to talk myself into tearing off the gold strips but what a relief when it was done!

I cleaned up and repainted the edges with an x-acto. After that, I added large gold seed beads and long gold beads to give the piece more dimension. I painted the inside of the card gold and reinforced the back with several layers of paper for balance.

Taking apart what does not work - The Cross Card Unframed
Cutting and Painting
Adding Beads
Beaded Frame Complete
Gold Interior