Ongoing Projects

Covid-19 Reflections

From portrait sketches in a gallery show Mid March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, to reflections from self-isolation, these pieces all reflect an uncomfortable shift in perspective.

Other People’s Deities is an ongoing series of portraits and sculptures.

The first 7 pieces in this series were shown as part of the Gladstone Hotel’s Grow Op 2020.

In 2010, we formed The Collective. We get together every Thursday at a different member’s home for a three hour drawing session. After each session, we pass around our sketchbooks.

These cards take days and sometimes weeks and months to create. Each is researched with the recipient in mind. They are gifts to very special people in my life.

Marker Explorations are a continuing focus in my work. With a unbelievable variety of transparencies and colours, markers have the potential to produce delicate watercolors and rich, thickly painted scenes.

These works explore themes of plastic, harvest, and worship. They are statements about human ambition. They are not judgements.

The Hastily Assembled Guides cover a range of subjects from Other People’s Deities to Climate Disasters. They are free to download and print in one page, which can be folded and cut. 

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