Winners and Maybes

My project proposal includes:

  • Large Resin Pieces
  • Portraits of the Armenian Goddess Anahit
  • And short illustrative texts (like a zine but a little higher quality)

Thank you for the feedback. I listened! I will be including these 6 images and this 1 video.

I have one more spot to fill. You have told me about the ones that don't fit in but please let me know your favourite from the remaining below:

Briar Hill animal lawn
Tucadillo, Fusion Beast, May 2020
The Hastily Assembled Guide to Being Alone - A Covid MiniZine (rearranged for left to right, top to bottom readability), March 25 2020
The Last Pose of the Night, OCT 15 2020
Anahit Portrait, Mixed Media, January 2020
The Appropriation of Jean-Michel Basquiat, 2019
The Appropriation of Jean-Michel Basquiat, 2019

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