ON THE MAP began with a simple, broad premise: Wherever and whenever we are, we hold our locations in the back of our minds.

Beginning in 2014, this ongoing exploration of people and objects drawn onto maps has explored the idea of the subject as seen through the lens of location. The underlying manufactured maps sometimes form the basis of the piece, inspiring form and even movement and drawing style. Other times, they are mere backdrops. 

Throughout the production of these location based works and the sister lotto series, I have remained interested in the relationship between unique, singularly produced artwork and mass produced materials. Each elevates the other depending on the perspective of the viewer.

A few artist friends aside, my subjects tend to be ordinary people drawn in the moment. I also work to maintain a spontaneous, loose line, even in the more complex pieces. The aim of the series is not to create ‘high’ art from ‘low’ art. Rather, it juxtaposes two forms of ‘low’ art – the sketch and the functional map – in order to draw our attention to the merits of each form.