This gallery of Collective Critique pieces contains images from Sunday sessions. It is intended to allow for easy viewing during Critique sessions. The space may be used as an achieve only with artist permissions. 

2021 Sessions

2021-??-05 Critique #4 Nicole Little & Jake Peters

There are 8 Images in this gallery. Nicole is asking the group to help her find direction as she sorts through her Anahit grant proposal and the images and thoughts that came out of her Cel del Nord virtual residency.

There are 10 images in this gallery. Jake intends “to submit a proposal for a public exhibition. The purpose of this submission is to hear if there is interest for such a show.” He wishes to determine “viewer satisfaction or not.”

Please note that these images are taken from phone pictures and there is some glare which are not part of the considered images.

2021-04-04 Critique #3 Jake Peters

There are 7 images in this gallery. The pieces were reviewed for a future publication. The group debated whether they fit together as a series and concluded that they would work well as separate chapter headings. After some debate, the artist gave a brief presentation, explaining each piece. The group generally agreed that the descriptions supported the work rather than distracting from it. The group did not “deep dive” into a technical critique of the photography, although one piece was singled out for not being as strong as the others. A particular insightful group member described their response to one piece and this impression proved remarkably insightful after the artist shared the story of that piece. The artist has permitted us to continue to display these photographs for the time being.

2021-04-04 Critique #2 (AJ)

Critique Image vs  Commission Style Reference. The group liked both pieces, particularly the colour and composition of the reference sketch and the intensity and relationship between the subjects in the critique image. Some discussion was held as to the nature of erotic vs brutal art, and the importance of proportion and framing in a piece. The critique itself was engaging. A copy of the critique questions is included in the link below. The artist and the group selected the questions (with artist given first choice). The questions that were used have been highlighted. These pieces remain available within the Google Doc to members who attended the critique.

2021-03 Critique #1 (FF)

During this session, one successful ink comic panel was unsuccessfully critiqued. Too much attention was paid to technical details and the critique ran in circles. The artist was not given a chance to respond or direct the critique and it was unsatisfactory. The critiqued artist then reformatted the critique structure for sessions 2 & 3. The artist has generously permitted us to use this image in this archive.

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